CANAAC Assembly
Georgetown Guyana
October 26 – 31, 2018

DRAFT (April 6, 2018)
The Caribbean and North America Area Council (CANAAC) is one of the oldest Area Councils to be established in the early years of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC) now World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC). The WCRC was born out of a historic merger between the World Alliance of Reformed Churches and the Reformed Ecumenical Council at the United General Council in June 2010 in Grand Rapids, USA with the rallying call: “Called to communion, committed to justice!”This union was intentionally interpreted as a missional invitation of the Member Churches to embody the unity promised in Christ for common witness and service to the world.In its mission statement the WCRC affirms:
We are called to be a communion of churches joined together in Christ, to promote the renewal and the unity of the church and to participate in God’s transformation of the world… responding to God’s call to meet spiritual needs and foster justice for all in the transformation of the world through the love of Jesus Christ... collaborating with other church movements on issues of common concern such as climate change, gender justice and theological dialogue.

The Caribbean and North America Area Council (CANAAC) comprises Member Churches ofWCRC across two diverse regions – Caribbean and North America. CANAAC will be gathering its Member Churches for its …(#?) Assembly under the theme: Living Faithfully; Building Relationships. The Assembly will be held in Georgetown, Guyana from October 26 to 31, 2018. It will be the first Assembly following the WCRC’s General Council, which was held in Leipzig, Germany in June to July 2017. The call to build relationships as churches seek to live faithfullyhas a key purpose to strengthen the Communionacross the Caribbean and North America regions, contributing to the global Reformed Communion and Movement.

Drawing from biblical models of Trinity and Koinonia, the Assembly will focus the necessity of right relationships - righteousness,justice and love in societies, which are facing profound challenges of the negative impacts of economic injustice, climate change, violence, crime, racism, corruption, and gender injustices and inequalities,that threaten life and have devastating impact on our livelihoods and collective security. So many of our people are living in despair. Too many of our youth feel hopeless and let down by the prevailing systems, structures and social and political mayhem in our societies. Many churches are weakened through lack of vision, leadership, divisions, critical engagement strategic positioning and cooptation with corrupt systems. Amidst this chaos and devastation, there are signs of hopes rising as the Spirit moves in the troubling of the waters, solidarity among people (and across regions and communities) and actions of love, caring and enabling among peoples and communities.
Participants of the CANAAC Assemblywill be engaged in critical reflection on the theme, sharing stories of brokenness and pain, as well as stories of how the spirit is moving within their communitiesthrough transformational mission and witness. Questions to guide our work together include: How do we discern our call to be a Communion - living faithfully as we building relationships? What are the necessary investments which are required? How do we build a culture of critical and constructive engagement with the WCRC worldwide body and key regional institutions, primarily the Caribbean and North America Council for Mission (CANACOM) and the Council for World Mission (Caribbean Regional Office)?
The methodology will facilitate a high level of engagement by delegates who will be required to participate in an Action Plan and commit to forwarding with the Outcomes of the Assembly. Immersions visits, workgroup sessions and roundtables will be organized to ensure each delegate has opportunities to share, envision and commit.

Assembly 2018
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